Steinbach Nutcrackers

Steinbach Nutcrackers

Monday, December 29, 2014

Genuine Coach Hamptons Leather Flap 7784

Genuine Coach Hamptons Leather Flap 7784 picked this beauty up on ebay and is brand NEW without tag.  It's in perfect condition.  Must have been packed away for 5 years.  This style was made in 2009.  I was the 2nd bid that won at $15.49 at ebay.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Coach Signature Ergo Leopard Ocelot Zebra Polka Dot Patchwork Handbag #10808

Added another beautiful Coach handbag to my growing collection.  I added a Coach Signature Ergo Leopard Ocelot Zebra Polka Dot Patchwork Handbag #10808. Found this beauty at Goodwill for $40.00 and they were having a 50% off sale on any purple tagged items which this bag was and picked it up for $20.00.  Missing the fob tag and need a little cleaning and it looks great again.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Coach Hampton Black Pebbled Leather Hobo Style Shoulder Bag 5054

I added another new beautiful leather Coach bag to my collection.  Coach Hampton Black Pebbled Leather Hobo Style Shoulder Bag.  The retail price on this bar was $348.00.
I was the only bidder on ebay and picked this bag up for $29.99.  It's in great condition.

Monday, November 10, 2014

My Coach Handbag Collection

I started shopping for a Coach bag early in the year (2014) and found a cute bag at a thrift shop near home and later after purchasing it found out it was a fake Coach bag.  I was very disappointed.  I ended up with another fake Coach bag that I purchased on ebay and decided to learn what to look for and if I wasn't quite sure I'd ask for help with authentication at the purse forum.  So these are the bags I've bought so far this year and they are all authentic Coach handbags.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coach Hampton Black Leather Hobo Clip Shoulder Bag Handbag 8A67

Found this poor dull dried out begging for conditioner leather Coach bag on ebay a few days ago.  The pictures were not great and didn't even show the inside or the creed patch.  I did some research and didn't see anything wrong with this bag at all other than it just needed to be loved and conditioned.  Only 2 photos were posted and it was up for auction starting bid at $18.00.  Put this bag on my watch list and waited until the last few minutes and put in my bid for $18.00 and won the auction.  When my husband opened up my box that came today he even said eww it's ugly.  Yup it was dull and dried out.  I conditioned this bag with a few good coats of conditioner and watched the leather come to life again.  It started to shine and get soft.  It's in mint condition and might have been used only a few times if at all.  Sometimes it's worth taking a chance.  This bag new retailed for  $328.00.  Some handbags smell like perfume or soaps.  This bag smells like real leather.
COACH Hampton's Large Hobo Handbag Style:8A67 Retail $328.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

COACH Hampton Signature Stripe Hobo Handbag Khaki/Red 11067

I fell in love with this Coach Signature Stripe Hobo Handbag and was very surprised there were no bids on this handbag on ebay.  It might have been because the handbag was listed as a Couch Handbag, oops.  I did a search for Couch instead of Coach just to see if anything would come up in my search and this one with a few others popped up.  I put it on my watch list and watched for 4 days and still no one bid on this handbag.  I picked it up for $45.00 including shipping.  New retails for $289.99.  It's in mint condition and I can't wait to use this handbag.  Decided to get myself an early Christmas gift.