Steinbach Nutcrackers

Steinbach Nutcrackers

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Newest Coach bag I got on 7/23/14

I added another addition to my small Coach bag collection.  I purchased this bag on ThredUp for $13.49.  I used the $20.00 off code offer they have for new orders.  With shipping total was $16.48.
This bag looks brand new and doesn't even look used ever.  It's in mint condition.

COACH Slim Soho Duffle Shoulder black Leather Bag 1453

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Which Coach Bag is authentic? Left or Right? if you guessed the one on the left is an authentic Coach bag you are right.  The cloth dust bag is even genuine.  Coach is always in the lower corner on the dust bag.

Friday, July 18, 2014

My newest Coach bag (7/18/14).  This one is unused in new condition with no odors and has the original cloth bag with paper work.

*I asked the Coach authentication experts at and found out this is a fake Coach bag*.  I got fooled a 2nd time and wasn't eye to details I should have spotted.  The words on the creed patch inside had no spaces between a few words which is clue to fake there and the outside C's do not line up right on the back side.  C's are usually very centered and even on each side to the seams.  Next Coach bag purchase will get cleared by the authenticators at purseforum before I buy again.  :(

Saturday, July 5, 2014

My newest addiction is collecting purses.  I went with the cheap $5.00 craft store purses for many many years and decided I needed a nicer quality purse.  I collect Vera Bradley and vintage Coach purses.
Here is my newest Vintage Coach Legacy purse, it was made in 2002 in Costa Rica.  I had this Coach authenticated so it's a real Coach purse.  I bought it on ebay for $46.00.  Bidding went a little higher than I wanted to go but I'm so glad I outbid others that wanted this beauty.  This Coach purse was very well cared for and hardly shows any wear at all.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Living Social had a really good deal recently.  For only $10.00 you could get a $25.00 voucher for Natural Grocers.  You can use coupons there too.  I did this trip and ended up in the minus total so the cashier told me I could just grab something else to get me out of the minus so they could take the last 2 $1/1 Alexia coupons I had.  My total was $0.06 but I decided to grab another bag of gummy worms that were at the register so I got my total up to $1.49.  I got 2 8 oz. Organic Valley cheese for free with the mailer coupons.  My son went through the register before me and got a free cheese and I have his cheese in my photo.  One bag of gummy worms is missing from photo.  Son grabbed it before I got the picture taken.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

These are a few of my Vera Bradley purses.  I've given a few as gifts to family and friends so they are not pictured here.

This is my 2nd Coach purse I added to my new collection.  I have several Vera Bradley purses too. My recent ebay purchased Coach bag.  2009 Coach Brooke Crossbody, style 43112 wine color.