Steinbach Nutcrackers

Steinbach Nutcrackers

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Coach Leather Hamilton Hobo Shoulder Bag F10280 #2

I got lucky and found another Coach Leather Hamilton Hobo Shoulder Bag F10280 on ebay.  This one was up for auction and I was the only one that bid on this purse.  I waited until the last 5 minutes after asking seller a few questions since her only 2 photos didn't show all the details.  My questions were answered and I placed my bid for $20.00.  This bag retailed for $289.00 new.  This bag is slightly used but in pristine condition.  I conditioned the leather really good but it looked like it was pretty well cared for already.  The leather is in a little better condition than the first one I got a few weeks ago, same color and style.  I found really cute key chains at Old Navy and they look really cute on the bags.

Here are a few pictures of them both together.  The one with the "L" key chain is the one I got a few weeks ago.

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